"Lay me down,
Let the only sound
Be the overflow.”

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I can’t seem to place the author, but I’m pretty sure this is an amazing drawing. Lemme know if you stumble upon this and know who to credit!

In a nutshell.

I still cry over Fred Weasley every single time I watch DH.

So my babe and I chatting on fb messenger and fawning over the new stickers when I find these cute little furry things and *fangirl ON* facebook gave me a Stiles sticker it’s a fox with a baseball bat it’s priceless!!!!

I kind of dropped dead. So I’m talking to my brother, who is still halfway through s2, about our Stiles feels and he says, ‘I feel bad for Stiles, he’s always getting screwed’, and then I ask, ‘what’s screwing him?’ because IDK what was the last episode he watched, and he says ‘pft, Derek, obviously. They’re boyfriends. I think they’re gay IRL too.’ AND I JUST. MY PRE TEEN BROTHER. SHIPS. STEREK.

Today my beautiful, lovely, awesometastic step-sister turns 21. She’s all legal now you guys!!! So go over to her blog, send her some love and don’t forget to follow because she shares the best pics!

I love you, my Dean.


This is my life now.

omg so true